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Whipple Supercharger
Whipple Supercharger

Whipple Supercharger 2006-2010 Dodge| Chrysler SRT8 (6.1L)

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Whip up a huge boost in horsepower and torque with the Whipple supercharger. Designed around a powerful twin-screw supercharger, this street-legal, under-the-hood blower kit delivers the biggest possible power gains-from idle to redline!

The heart and soul of the system, the Whipple twin-screw compressor, is by far the most advanced system available. Boasting a positive-displacement design, Whipple superchargers offer maximum low-end torque with high efficiency and maximum top-end horsepower. That means excellent drivability during your morning commute and heart-stopping acceleration when you need to show the competition what's up.

Your Whipple supercharger kit includes everything you need to bolt on massive amounts of power and torque. Along with the top-quality components, the highly-trained techs at Whipple are just a phone call away and with you every step of the way. And best yet, your Whipple Supercharger Kit is backed by a 1-year warranty.


**2015-2016 Require a new or unlocked PCM from SCT for flashing.

**2017 Requires a new 2016 PCM for calibration support

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