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Valve Cover Breather

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Part Number: MBE0001

Valve Cover Breather

Gen III Hemi with Twist-in Oil Cap, Including Hellcat

This breather installs as a direct replacement for the OEM oil fill cap, and absolutely no modifications are required.  The precision-machined helix in the bottom of the billet stand fits tightly into the fill tube, and the seal is maintained by the included o-ring.

In supercharged applications, combustion pressures invariably find their way into the crank case, and this pressure contributes to pumping losses, elevated oil temps, and premature failure of engine seals.  The breather serves as a high-flow vent to allow any pressure that builds to easily vent into the atmosphere.

This breather is fitted with our proprietary APV one-way check valve, so while internal pressures can pass through, outside air cannot be drawn through the breather and into the inlet tract of the engine.  Your engine tune will not be affected by the installation of this breather.

Like all Metco breathers, this unit is CNC-machined from 6061 aluminum, and micro-finished on the exterior surface.  The filter is a high-quality reusable unit manufactured in the USA by S & B filters. 


Total installed height is less than 3".  This breather may not be legal in all states.  

For earlier Gen III Hemi applications using a screw-in style oil cap, please see the MBR0012 breather listed elsewhere in this section. 

Note regarding the finish option:  The breather base is CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, and then it is vibratory polished.  At no extra cost, this breather stand can be ordered in a black-anodized finish.  The breather element included with this kit is the same regardless of the breather base ordered:  a high-performance gauze filter with a chrome steel top.

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