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Procharger HO Supercharger P-1SC-1 (TUNER KIT) 2012-2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 6.4L

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Bolt On 215+ Horsepower!

Building on a 20-year history of forced induction engineering and innovation, ProCharger HO Intercooled Systems for the 2012-2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8/SRT utilize ProCharger patented technology that continues to lead the industry in OEM-style fit and finish, ease of installation, and reliable long lasting performance. ProCharger HO Intercooled Systems are supplied with the patented self-contained P-1SC-1 supercharger, proven tuning calibrations, and a handheld programmer set for a 215+ horsepower gain over stock, on 7 psi of boost and pump gas. Higher boost levels and horsepower are possible with custom tuning, and even higher with modified engines. The HO system is 100% reversible, with no trimming or cutting to any factory OEM plastics or hardware.

0-60 mph in only 3.4 Seconds! Even tipping the scales at 5,150 lbs, with nothing more than a bolt-on ProCharger supercharger system that installs in a matter of hours, you can shed nearly 1.5 seconds off your 0-60 time! With power gains of 215+ HP on just 7 psi of boost, the torque and acceleration numbers are nothing short of amazing on otherwise stock engines running pump gas.

0 to 60 Times:

  • Stock Jeep SRT = 4.8 seconds
  • ProCharged Jeep SRT8 = 3.4 seconds


  • Stock Jeep SRT = 470 Horsepower
  • ProCharged Jeep SRT = 680+ Horsepower


ProCharger supercharger systems feature easy installation (a customer can install this system in his/her garage with common hand tools), minimal relocation of components, no need for external oil feed and return lines and avoids having to deal the complexity and maintenance issues of an air-to-water-to-air intercooler configuration. ProCharger systems feature a visually appealing, "from the factory" look and come with a standard 3-year warranty on the intercooler and 1-year warranty on the supercharger (Optional 3-year supercharger warranty is available).

HO Intercooled System Features:

  • 215+ HP gain with P-1SC-1 complete system on 7 psi and quality pump gas
  • 1000 HP capacity 3-Core Air-to-Air Intercooler
  • ProFlow Anti-Surge / Bypass Valve
  • 6-rib belt shared drive system, Belts and pulleys can be changed without removing supercharger
  • 100% reversible, no permanent modifications necessary
  • Self contained oiling head unit, with CBC billet gear case and impeller
  • TUNER KIT does not include fuel injectors, fuel components and handheld programmer

*2015 and up require a unlocked PCM for tuning.

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