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Trinity 2 (T2 EX) for Jeep Vehicles 50 State Legal

Trinity 2 (T2 EX) for Jeep Vehicles 50 State Legal

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The all-new Trinity (T2) 50-State is the most advanced emissions compliant performance programmer and monitoring setup of its kind.  Featuring a high resolution, 5 capacitive touch screen, full swipe functionality, industry-leading gauge designs, jaw dropping power potential and powerful, yet simple, user interface. The T2 is unlike anything else on the market.

We understand that there are an increasing number of counties and states that are requiring emissions testing. In addition to investing in R&D todeliver a meaningful power and overall performance improvement, DiabloSport recognizes the need for 50-state legal products.   We ve developed the T2 to include 50-State legal tuning covered by a CARB Executive Order number.  Now there is no need to fear your SMOG testing center as you can pass those tests while tuned with Power You Can Feel from DiabloSport.  You can run equipped with tunes for daily driving, towing and performance all while maintaining emissions compliance.

Trinity T2 EX 50-State Compliant

Under CA law, the state of CA does not allow aftermarket performance parts to be used on vehicles that are registered to be used on road unless that product carries a CARB E.O. number.  That is why our engineers and calibrators spent countless hours in the lab creating a product that you can use with confidence in all 50 states. The T2 50-State product is 50-state compliant and supported by CARB EO #D-770.  That EO number means that you can roll up to your emissions/SMOG test, with confidence, knowing that your T2 is legal for on-road use.  The best part about the 50-state T2 is that it still builds great power, improves mileage potential and drivability whether you re on the streets or the trails and anything in between.

*T2 50-State is not compatible with CMR custom tuning and cannot by store tunes created by 3rd party tuners.

Trinity T2 EX Platinum (CMR Custom Tuning Capable)

The T2 Platinum is the go-to performance product for the vehicle owner that wants amazing Diablo tunes and power right out of the box, and the ability to use custom tunes down the road as the vehicle is modified with other aftermarket parts  If you have a relatively stock ride right now, the T2 Platinum will work perfectly right out of the box, however, if you have upgrades like forced induction, motor work or headers, then the CMR tuning capability built into the T2 Platinum gives you the ability to get a custom tune written specifically for your ride.  We have hundreds of CMR custom tuners all across the country that can build tunes for you in person or by using the industry-leading data logging features in the T2 Platinum.  Now your T2 can grow with you as you modify your ride!

T2 for Jeep® JK

DiabloSport and Jeep®, go hand in hand.  We ve been tuning the TJ, JK, Grand Cherokee and Commander for years with great success.  The T2 now offers a new level of monitoring and performance for Jeep®.  Whether you are tackling your favorite trail in the mountains of Moab, or crawling the toughest mall around, the Trinity 2 will make your Jeep® stand out from all the rest.  The T2 will give you that extra power you need to turn those big off-road tires while making your Jeep® handle the freeway without an issue.  

Trinity 2 EX for Jeep® TJ & JK

The Jeep® TJ and JK are extremely capable vehicles right off the showroom floor.  People are stunned to see where you can get and what kind of trails you can conquer in a stock Jeep®.  However, customizing these capable vehicles is as common as the common cold, and just as contagious.  The aftermarket has come out in force for the TJ and JK and has allowed these to be some of the most customized vehicles on the planet.  Seeing a stock JK rolling down the streets without an aftermarket part on it is extremely rare.  The most common first upgrades for these vehicles include aftermarket wheels and tires with a lift to clear them.  This huge change in rolling resistance  is immediately felt, and that is where the Trinity 2 comes in.  We add the power back to make your ride drive better than it did stock.  Additionally, with our speedometer correction capability for tire size and gears, you can get your speedometer reading accurately and your shift points back where they should be.

Supported Applications

Make Model Engine From To
Jeep Commander 4.7L / 5.7L 2006 2010
Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7L 2006 2006
Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7L 2008 2009
Jeep Grand Cherokee (Requires Modified PCM) 5.7L 2015* 2017*
Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.5L /3.6L / 5.7L / 6.1L / 6.4L 2005 2014
Jeep Wrangler 3.8L / 3.6L / 4.0L 2005 2014
Jeep Wrangler (Requires Modified PCM) 3.6L 2015* 2017*

NOTE: Purchasing an additional tuning license requires that you have a DiabloSport Trinity 2 Programmer. If you do not have an Trinity 2, you will not be able to use the licensing options.

* 2015-2017 Chrysler Vehicles Require a DiabloSport Modified PCM Be installed prior to tuning.

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